About Us: Strategic Plan

Goal #1

Sterilization: AWASA promotes the reduction of pet overpopulation and advocates for animals by increasing the number of spayed/neutered animals in our community.
a. Provide a spay/neuter program at low cost or no cost to offer accessibility and affordability.

Goal #2

Legislation: AWASA maintains an ongoing collaborative relationship with elected officials and other community leaders to advocate for the welfare of animals in Southern Arizona.

a. Continue and enhance our relationship at the local and state level and advocate for animal welfare.

Goal #3

Education: AWASA provides services as needed to the community and offers educational forums on animal welfare topics.

a. Organize educational/informational opportunities for the public.

b. Organize and hold no cost vaccination clinics.

c. Distribute free pet food as it becomes available.

d. Maintain a website to disseminate information for the community.